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Dear friends,

We would like to inform you that the company “Transfor Group” was established and has been operating in the market since 1997. The company was founded in Georgia, Tbilisi. Due diligence and appropriate approach of administration and the employees towards business activities have established trustful and interesting environment. As the result of 16 years work of the service customers the company gained the permanent financial environment for its service, and that enabled us to finance for the permanent customers of our service in advance of in agreed upon terms the freight transportation required by them. Currently we have mastered all types of the transport participating into the freight transportation, business-partners relationships have developed with the transportation forwarding companies operating in the countries of CIS as well as in other European countries, and that enables us to process the client’s request in shortest terms possible, to define transportation conditions, terms and financial expenses.

To the date, as the free forwarding agent, the company has been expanded in all directions of land, overseas and aerial transport and has business relationships with almost all the famous international forwarding companies, such as, for example: MAERSK, MSC, CMA, Groupage Service, Danzas, Willi Betz, Coyn Air, Airzena, Delta Novel, ABS, Norasia, Globalink Logistics, Network America Lines HY Logistics, Dijfo Rotterdam, Zimline, Sea Master Logistics, UTI, Neomat, Cevat Company, Netloyistic, Demirkol, ZustBachmeier of Switherland, Advance International, etc.

Due to the all above said, the company “Transfor Group” currently offers to the customers of its service the full package of freight transportations.